Kendo Zane

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Power up your Spinjitzu battles with Kendo Zane!
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Manufacturer LEGO
Age 6-14
Pieces 22
No. of Pieces λιγότερο απο 50
Year of Production 2012
Year of Removal 2013
Spin your way to victory against Lloyd Garmadon and the snakes! Kendo Zane is ready for training and battle action against the newest threats to the Ninjago world! Use the 4 battle cards included in the set to influence the outcome. Set also includes Kendo Zane minifigure, white spinner, silver crown, golden weapon, 2 regular weapons and character card. Includes Kendo Zane minifigure Features white spinner, silver crown, golden weapon and 2 regular weapons, character card and 4 battle cards Battle with your friends! Spin Kendo Zane on the white spinner! Fit the crown to power up your minifigure! Collect all of the Ninjago spinners and characters for endless Spinjitzu fun!
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