Series 7 Bagpiper

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"And heres a little ditty my ol granddad taught me!

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Manufacturer LEGO
Age 5+
Pieces 7
No. of Pieces λιγότερο απο 50
Year of Production 2012
Year of Removal 2012
Minifigures 1
Rating 4.5

Bagpiping runs in the Bagpipers blood. His father played the bagpipes, and so did his grandfather, his great-grandfather and their grandfathers before them, all the way back to the day the beloved musical instrument first arrived in Scotland. Hes played his pipes for weddings, marches, wrestling matches and haggis-eating contests (hes also played them at chess tournaments and libraries, but for some reason his enthusiastic performances didnt go over so well then). Other musical styles may come and go, but the Bagpiper knows in his heart that the bagpipes will last forever!

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