Series 7 Grandma Visitor

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Manufacturer LEGO
Age 5+
Pieces 7
No. of Pieces λιγότερο απο 50
Year of Production 2012
Year of Removal 2012
Minifigures 1
Rating 4.5

The sweet little Grandma Visitor is skipping through the woods to pay a call on her dear old granny. With her fine red hood and a basket full of tasty treats, shes sure she wont run into any wicked wolvesor bands of forest banditsor giant spidersor nasty ogressay, what was that noise over there behind that tree Goodness, is that a raincloud up in the sky Maybe this isnt the very best day for a stroll outdoors. The woods do seem a little chilly, and it would be such a shame if she were to catch a cold. Besides, her grandmother has a whole pantry full of food already, not to mention a brand-new microwave oven. Yes, staying inside today sounds like a very good idea. Shell try again tomorrow and next time, shell bring some friends along for back-up!

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