Lotso's Dump Truck

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας
Lotso and pals are on patrol!
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Κατασκευαστής LEGO
Ηλικία 6-12
Κομμάτια 129
Αρ. κομματιών 100-300
Έτος Παραγωγής 2010
Βαθμολογία 4.4
Its a whole different world for our heroes when they find themselves at a new home in the day care center. Fortunately, Lotso and his gang are here to give them a big welcome in their big-time dump truck! * Includes Lotso, Chunk, Stretch and dump truck driver minifigures * Tip the dump truck just like a real one! * Dump truck measures 5.5'' (14 cm) long and 3.5'' (9 cm) tall!
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