Mater's Yard

Κατόπιν παραγγελίας
Its tow-time...Mater and Sheriff are hot on Lightnings tailpipe!
Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Κατασκευαστής LEGO
Ηλικία 2-5
Κομμάτια 16
Αρ. κομματιών less than 50
Έτος Παραγωγής 2010
Βαθμολογία 3.9
Lightning McQueen's trying to escape Radiator Springs to get to the Piston Cup championship. But the Sheriffs out to catch him and Maters trusty tow line is ready to tow Lightning back to Maters Tow-Mater Towing and Salvage Yard! Includes Mater and Sheriff, Tow-Mater Towing Salvage Yard sign and oil barrel. * Includes Mater tow truck and Sheriff car * Features Tow-Mater Towing and Salvage Yard sign and oil barrel * Set the scene...just like the hit movie! * Mater and Sheriff each measure 4" (10cm) long.
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