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Περισσότερες Πληροφορίες
Κατασκευαστής LEGO
Ηλικία 6-12
Κομμάτια 39
Αρ. κομματιών less than 50
Έτος Παραγωγής 2012
'Ετος Κατάργησης 2013
Βαθμολογία 4.0

Teach the heroes the meaning of tough with XT4!

 Attention heroes! XT4 has escaped from the Hero Factory and fled to his home planet, Mechna. It won't be easy to cuff any one of his 4 arms, equipped with razor disc slicers, 2 striking blades and a laser slicer! Be extra careful around this heavy-metal robot!

• Features cyborg eye, razor disc slicer, 2 striking blades and laser slicer
• Highly flexible and poseable elements
• Includes unique code worth 200 game points for LEGO Hero Factory BREAKOUT game online at www.HeroFactory.LEGO.com
• Defend XT4 against the heroes with his 4 slicing and striking arms!
• Battle with the hero 6221 NEX!
• Combine with 6221 NEX for an even bigger model!
• Stands over 6" (17cm) tall!

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